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Be in the know

Are you a health nut (or should I say bean?), who also loves a mid-day snack or maybe two? Do you love to share your favorite recipes and what you eat in a day? Have a passion for living a balanced lifestyle? Love trying the latest health food trends? Have we asked you too many questions ... point is - I think we would be great partners. We would love for you to join our team as an ambassador and share what all the HOOPLAH! is about. 

HEY, HOOPLAH! is the anti-snack snack. YOU know that snacking doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure, but not everyone is in the KNOW like you are:) Share how snacking can be crave-able, as well as nourishing and energizing. This is not cheating.  This is uncompromising flavor with better for you ingredients. You really can have it all with a snack like HEY, HOOPLAH!

Beyond a traditional ambassador

You would be a crucial member of our extended team - not only #1 fans, but the go to source for all things HEY, HOOPLAH! for your local area. The middleman between HEY, HOOPLAH! and the customer. HYPED about HEY, HOOPLAH! and wanting to spread the chickpea word, your role would range from brand promoter, checking in at the neighborhood shops, to going to local events. You down? We are looking to hearing from you!  Send us an email at